Career and Job Transition

  • Day in the Life-Roadmap to Career Transition Success
    • Outlining a specific structured-day-week-month that transforms you and helps you land your next roleFaster!
  • Creating your Value Proposition & 90 Day Plan
    • Creating a powerful, unique introduction and your first 90 days that will get you the job
  • Creating your “WOW” factor in the Interview Process
    • Increasing your chances in landing your ideal role


  • Creating a Succession plan within your Company
    • Developing Next Generation Leaders and High Potentials
  • First Line Supervisor Training
    • Creating a Daily Cadence that drives profitability, efficiency, and team engagement
  • Roadmap to World Class Manufacturing
    • An operating rhythm within the company that drives, profitability, efficiency and teamwork.
  • Customized programs available