Helping Businesses & Professionals Get Better

George’s transformative, easy to implement approach has given thousands of people the right mindset and motivation for navigating challenging transitions. It’s not just about getting through change, it’s about growing through it.

  • Rave reviews from leading brands
  • Energetic and enthusiastic stage presence
  • Immediate actionable take-aways
  • Break the transition code and thrive as a team, as a leader, and as an individual!

Speaking Topics on Career & Job Transition

  • 4 Gears to Career Transition
    • Transition is a lot easier with a Roadmap
  • Nuclear Networking
    • Transforming an introvert to an “Uber Networker”
  • Creating your Day in the Life
    • Structured process that gives YOU more confidence, energy, and momentum to land your next job-faster!
  • Customized programs available

Business & Company Topics

  • Creating a Succession plan within your Company
    • Developing Next Generation Leaders and High Potentials
  • First Line Supervisor Training
    • Creating a Daily Cadence that drives profitability, efficiency, and team engagement
  • Road map to World Class Manufacturing
    • An operating rhythm within the company that drives, profitability, efficiency and teamwork
  • Customized programs available