Why Hire George

He has the experience, been in your shoes and has created a successful process and tools to land your next role-Faster!

  • George can accelerate your job search. Hiring a career professional often can reduce the time it takes to get back to work. These days, people over 40 frequently spend twice as long as younger ones to get hired.
  • George can help you develop a solid job-search plan. Do you know what your value is to a prospective employer or client? Do you know how to best describe and pitch yourself? Do you know who the most important contacts are in your database? A career coach will assist you with the answers to come up with a strategic plan of attack to get hired.
  • George can show you how to invest in yourself. Putting your money on the line as an investment in your career coach will be an expression of your commitment to yourself. Even (and especially) if you’re on a tight budget, spending the money can light a fire under you. It will make you more focused and more directed, because the clock is ticking and the coach’s meter is running. Then, your commitment will be palpable to everyone from networking allies to recruiters and hiring managers.
In our first 90 minutes we will outline the following:
  • Discuss your story- Why did you leave, why are you looking?
    • Critical to be positive, short, and results that can transfer to the listeners
  • Help create your 1-2 value propositions (Elevator Pitches are DEAD)
    • What makes you different & Unique compared to the dozen candidates with the same background
    • You only have 30 seconds to make a first impression-be prepared!
  • Outline a road map to network
    • How you show up  
    • Strategically navigate the right connections
    • Defined process to keep networking pipeline full
    • Leave them with a WOW

Contact George today for a 30 minute free initial discussion.