If you or someone you know is struggling with the daunting process of finding a new position, as well as learning what to do—and not to do—in order to meet people, network, and make connections who can help you learn about job openings in your field, Hired! is for you. The author experienced two job losses (both beyond his control) in three years, and what he learned to get the first new job cut his search time in half for the next time. 

He provides many clear and easy-to-implement ideas that make you stand apart from other candidates, and more importantly, stand above them in the valuable information you should provide to show companies why they should hire YOU.

George’s book addresses so much more than the job transition— including getting your finances in order, teaching family members about resilience, and networking after the job search. I see this as a great reference book during different times of your life and career.” 
— Jenny Jefferds, Sales Director and New Business Development at Solutia   

If you are in a career transition, George’s insights are invaluable. He provides easy-to-implement steps for much of what he learned the hard way.  Tools such as his “Day in the Life,” “90-Day Plan,” “Executive Bio,” “10-10-10,” and especially the “Value Proposition” will give you a jump-start on your own transition.
—David Lyman, Lyman Executive Search