George is a self-proclaimed “Tenacious Optimistic” with a focus on helping both professionals and business owners get better (#getbetter). From an early age when his six-year-old sister died at age of three due to multiple heart surgeries, to surviving ground battle in Desert Storm, to overcoming job transition, he has found a way to use adversity as a motivation.

George started his career in the US Army serving in 101st Airborne Division in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, additionally in Wurzburg, Germany, and Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq in Support of Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He credits this experience with his leadership training, positive attitude through adversity, and his ability to overcome major obstacles. In addition, George has 25 years’ experience in Global Operations leadership, working in five industries: Automotive, Contract Electronic Manufacturing, Industrial Automation, Capital Equipment Manufacturing, and Medical Device. In the past five years, he has become more passionate about Organizational Development—and helping leaders and business owners create a strong culture, as well as being leaders that no one wants to leave.

He credits his strong belief in God and the support of his family for his success. George resides in Minnesota with his wife of 28 years, Kerry, who is very loving and supportive, as are their three beautiful and successful children: Mason, Devin, and Aislynn, and now Granddaughter Aubriela. He loves spending his free time with his family in Minnesota, boating, traveling, and golfing, riding his Harley, plus he’s an avid runner.

George also offers individual coaching, consults with businesses and business leaders, as well as speaks on topics, such as developing next generational leaders in organizations, how to develop strong teams, and driving improvements within companies.

“Life never throws you the best pitches, so you need to learn how to hit the curve and the change-ups as well.” – George Murray 2019

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